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Dear Colleagues, Friends and Sponsors of Urology,


I would like to invite you most cordially and with great anticipation to the 66th German Congress of Urology which will take place from October 1 to October 4, 2014, in Düsseldorf on the Rhine.


According to the Congress motto "shaping demographic change" we will discuss primarily medical, economic, policy motivated and ethical aspects of demographic change.
The challenges of an ageing society are concerning particularly urology and we have not only the obligation but also the chance to face these challenges as a special field in close collaboration between surgery and clinic to shape actively our future in this way.


A growing number of tumour diseases, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, stone formations and benign prostatic hypertrophy will induce not only more patients in urology but also a demand of intelligent strategies, how to meet medically and ethically appropriate the requirements of our patients, regarding also limited economic and human resources.
Beside of the core areas of our field we will focus also on alleged side issues as palliative medicine, sexuality in old age, geriatric urology, supportive medicine and infectiology, in order to develop new strategies for urology in the demographic change.


To present the complete spectrum of our field we want to offer plenary and forum sessions in relaxed atmosphere with variable forums (state of the art, pro & contra, round table, point of view of surgery) and continuous moderation with the participation of resident doctors.
For the first time we will offer you beside of TED-sessions also interactive iPad-sessions for a better integration of the auditors and to show the individual decision-makings.


As demographic change and promotion of young researchers are mutually dependent, GesRU and Youth Academy will offer in addition to the scientific platform for the “young generation”, an attractive program which is tailor-made for the colleagues in continuing education.


The academy with its columns Academy Forums, Academy Expert Courses, Team Academy (Care Congress), Youth Academy and Patients Academy will offer you an exciting and practice-oriented continuing education program and will therefore enhance the Wednesday again to an all-day congress day.


The Congress of German Society of Urology as the third largest urological conference of the world maintains and increases its attractiveness by the exciting balance between praxis-related continuing education at the highest level and the exchange of clinical and fundamental research.
We will present the platform for this wide spectrum of our field in Düsseldorf.
Düsseldorf, which is located in the centre of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolis with 10 million inhabitants, can be considered an ideal location for a Congress and is very easy to reach by car, train or plane.
The Congress Centre is situated directly on the Rhine River and very close to the city. With its generously spacious premises it meets all the requirements for a further successful conference of our Society.
Düsseldorf is a cosmopolitan town with the special way of life of the Rhineland and will offer an ideal and friendly atmosphere for exchange between colleagues.


I would be very glad to welcome you, dear colleagues, together with nursing staff and our industrial partners, to our DGU-Congress 2014 in Düsseldorf.


Yours sincerely,


Prof. Dr. med. Jan Fichtner
President of the German Society of Urology







Time table

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Mai 05th 2014
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August 15th 2014
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October 01th - 04th 2014
66th DGU Congress