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Wellcome message

Dear colleagues and friends,

it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 64th annual conference of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie“ (German Society of Urology) which will be held for the first time in Leipzig, from 26 to 29 September 2012. Leipzig is traditionally known as a centre for trade and exhibitions and played a key role during the “peaceful revolution” in autumn 1989, which was a decisive event for the reunification of Germany. It could be demonstrated that nearly miracles can come true, if people have the same goals and stand together – a fact which we as urologists in hospitals and private practices need to keep in mind!

Although the demographic data favour our speciality, we will only remain competitive if we succeed in maintaining our scientific expertise and can guarantee objective high-quality care of our patients, both in surgical and medical/conservative fields. For this we need fundamental changes in student and resident training as well as in advanced specialist training. Others in Europe are ahead of us!

With the slogan “Wissenschaft, Fortschritt, Leben” (“Science, progress, life”), we want to attract talents, support them early, and  make sure that even our colleagues who want to continue in basic science have a secure income and perspectives to plan for the long term.  The inevitable process of sub-specialization affecting surgical and conservative areas in our field, necessitates a peaceful coexistence between partners, for which the USA has been a positive example for many years. In our situation it requires closer interaction and cooperation between hospitals, private practices and other disciplines.

Overnutrition and lack of exercise are big medical challenges in our Western societies. Knowing that the “metabolic syndrome” can threaten our lives with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and the induction of malignant tumours, we as urologists should play a better role providing concepts for primary prevention in order to minimize the incidence of lithiasis, erectile dysfunction and problems of urinary incontinence which result from diabetic and neurodegenerative diseases.

Organ-preserving surgery for renal tumours can prolong life, even from an oncological point of view. Besides our dreams of an individualized therapy based on molecular biology and genetics, we must not forget to cultivate and improve our surgical expertise! Of course both areas will be covered during this congress.

In addition there will be time enough for all aspects of the wide spectrum of urology, such as andrology, urogynaecology, paediatric urology and renal transplantation.  Well established and certified units of advanced training for clinicians and colleagues in private practice will be offered.

With its modern and fascinating exhibition centre, Leipzig provides an ideal framework for our congress, while the pedestrian-friendly town centre invites people for a pleasant stroll through its traditional courtyards and arcades. The city represents the perfect mixture of intellectual, cultural and commercial life.

My colleagues and I will do our utmost to make your stay in Leipzig enjoyable and memorable.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Stefan C. Müller